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Parallel Lines



The Euro 2 USA Summer Tour presents an exceptional opportunity to elevate your game, showcase your talent, and compete against the best on American soil. If you're a passionate and dedicated basketball player seeking an edge in your athletic journey, this intensive program is designed for you.


We Seek Players Who:

  • Demonstrate Unwavering Commitment: We require players with a relentless work ethic, who push themselves to their limits and consistently leave everything on the court. Forget about fancy footwork – we value grit, hustle, and unwavering drive.

  • Possess Exceptional Basketball Skills: Whether you're a sharpshooter from beyond the arc or a dominant force in the paint, let your talent shine. We seek players with a deep understanding of the game, lightning-fast decision-making, and the ability to execute game-changing plays.

  • Embrace Leadership with a Global Perspective: Be the team anchor, orchestrating the offense, inspiring your teammates, and commanding respect from opponents. Showcase yourself as not just a skilled player, but a leader with a global mindset and the ability to adapt to diverse team dynamics.

  • Challenge the Status Quo: Leave stereotypes behind and proudly exhibit your unique European playing style. Seamlessly blend your footwork with American athleticism and combine your tactical prowess with their fast-paced intensity. Let the world witness the next generation of European basketball talent.

This Tour is More Than Just a Summer Trip:

  • Compete against Elite American Teams: Test your skills against the best the US has to offer, refine your game under pressure, and demonstrate your capabilities on a prestigious international stage.

  • Gain Exposure to College Coaches: Put your talent on display before a network of college coaches actively searching for their next star. This tour is your opportunity to unlock your American dream and secure a coveted scholarship.

  • Receive World-Class Training: Learn from experienced and renowned coaches who will push you to new heights, sharpen your skills, and elevate your game to the next level. Immerse yourself in a comprehensive training program designed to maximize your potential.

  • Experience American Basketball Culture: Experience the electrifying atmosphere of American basketball, embrace the passionate crowds, and create lasting memories that will fuel your athletic aspirations.

Are you ready to make a statement and demonstrate that Europe's rising basketball stars are prepared to conquer the American dream? Join the Euro 2 USA Summer Tour and rewrite the rules of the game. Contact us today and secure your spot on the court!

Perspective Athlete Contact Form

Why Choose AAU Basketball?

  • Unparalleled Exposure: AAU tournaments are a Mecca for college coaches seeking their next star. With hundreds of coaches attending some events, it's your chance to showcase your skills directly to potential programs. No other platform offers such concentrated recruiting visibility.

  • Authentic Evaluation: As an European player, competing in AAU allows coaches to assess your abilities within a familiar American context. Live game evaluations provide invaluable insights beyond statistics, showcasing your athleticism, mental toughness, and adaptability.

  • Personal Development Catalyst: AAU's highly competitive environment pushes you to new heights. You'll face top American talent, embrace challenges, and develop resilience – vital attributes for any aspiring college athlete, regardless of future path.

Coaching & Mentorship:

This tour is not a vacation; it's a business trip. Your days will be structured like those of a college student-athlete. Our elite coaching staff is committed to empowering you to reach your full potential both on and off the court.

Our mission is clear: equip ambitious young players like you with the competitive edge and academic focus needed to secure opportunities to play at the college level. This program provides the optimum platform for showcasing your talent to a vast network of college coaches attending prestigious AAU tournaments.

Embarking on this journey signifies your unwavering commitment to chasing your dream. College basketball is demanding, and pursuing excellence with unwavering passion is even tougher. Yet, we stand with you every step of the way.

Beyond recruiting, we prioritize your personal growth. Through structured routines, academic guidance, and mentorship, we cultivate the work ethic, accountability, and unwavering consistency vital for success in athletics and beyond.

Expect significant challenges. You'll be tested physically, mentally, and emotionally. But through these challenges, you'll gain an unparalleled understanding of your individual talent level and your place within the competitive college basketball landscape.

Key Outcomes:

  • Sharpen your skills and refine your game against top American talent.

  • Gain invaluable exposure to college coaches attending high-profile tournaments.

  • Cultivate the mental toughness and self-reliance essential for achieving peak performance.

  • Discover your true potential and emerge as a stronger, more confident athlete and person.

Our tour is an investment in your future. Join us, dedicate yourself to the process, and let us guide you on your journey toward achieving your collegiate basketball dreams.

Tour Schedule

3 Week Tour

 June 24th-July 15th 


Practices Everyday

Tournament Dates:

June 30th (Scrimmage Games)

July 6th & 7th

July 12th-14th

Parallel Lines

Accommodations & Facilites

Teams will be housed, fed and will practice at North Central College in Naperville IL.

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