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Grow and train to be a complete basketball player while at home through our Virtual Basketball Academy! BIG 3 Basketball is offering players a full workout that will push their level of play to the next level. We will be providing players a basketball skills training session, followed by a strength and conditioning workout.


Players will perform the workout at home, while our staff monitors them over a Zoom video conference call. We will provide a link to our private YouTube channel where players can watch our exercises and drills ahead of time. The videos will be uploaded 3 hours before the actual "training session" online, so players can prepare themselves to perform them to the best of their abilities. 


Players will be required to stream themselves performing the provided workout. Players who have conflicts can go through the workouts on their own at a different time.

Virtual Workout

Session One

Friday, May 22nd 

Online @ 11am-12pm


Session Two

Friday, May 22nd 

Online @ 2pm-3pm

COST $15

Core Elements Provided Through Our Academy:

Skills Training

Players will receive skills training and development through basketball workouts designed by the BIG 3 coaching staff. Essential basketball fundamentals will be repped, including: shooting, ball handling, passing, rebounding, defense, and footwork. 

As a great man once said, “teams are made in season, players are made in the off season”. Our goal as coaches at this time is to provide players the necessary tools to train individually, so they are sharp when they're eventually on the court in a team setting. Success and confidence in game are built through consistent repetition of the fundamentals off the court. Between these workouts and them spending time daily on their craft, they will set themselves apart when its game time.

Physical fitness and athletics go hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to a sport like basketball. Basketball is unique in that it requires explosion, endurance, and strength. Players continuously display their agility by moving laterally to play defense or perform a euro-step, jumping for rebounds or layups, sprinting to get back in transition or get ahead on the break. To be the best basketball player you can be, you must be in peak shape.


Our physical training program will help players get to that point. It is a program consisting of exercises geared towards strengthening the lower body, upper body, and core. Players will be challenged with agility, mobility, and endurance exercises. All of the movements performed in this program are necessary to be the most athletic you can be. Get faster, increase your vert, and start bullying opponents between the lines!

Strength Training

Join the BIG 3 Virtual Basketball Academy!

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