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Spring/Summer AAU Season 2021

NCAA Certified Events

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Season Overview

We will be hand selecting players for all of our 2020 Spring and Summer AAU teams. Based on their recruiting profile and tryout performance, players will be placed on either our Elite teams or Regional teams.


Elite teams will be required to travel more often, as they will be playing in larger tournaments all over the Midwest region. They will also compete in more NCAA Certified Basketball Events (click for more information) than the other teams.

All teams in the BIG 3 Basketball program will be competing in seven to eight tournaments during the AAU basketball season. Please view the main differences in our teams below.

Team Breakdown

Elite Teams- 16U and 17U

Elite teams will be playing in one NCAA certified tournament during all three college basketball recruiting "live periods". That makes a total of three NCAA certified tournaments that these teams will compete in. They will also be playing in an additional large tournament located in the Midwest States (Indiana, Wisconsin, etc). The remaining four tournaments will be played locally in Illinois.

Select Teams- 16U and 17U

Select teams will be playing in one NCAA certified tournament during the college basketball recruiting "live period". The remaining seven tournaments will be played locally in Illinois.

Local Illinois Teams- 15U and Below

Local teams will not be required to travel outside of Illinois. These teams will be playing all eight of their tournaments locally. 

Practice Location and Structure

North and Nothwest Suburb teams will practice twice a week in the Schaumburg area, while South and Southwest teams will practice at two locations: Glen Ellyn (Ackerman Sports and Fitness Center) and Geneva (Persinger Recreational Center).

Team practice will be held once a week, where cohesive concepts will be taught and executed in preparation for tournament games. The second practice of the week will have a strong emphasis on skills training, where the fundamentals of the game will be drilled and refined.

Team Pricing

If your child performs well at tryouts and is selected on one of our teams, they will have to accept our invitation within 24 hours. They will then be expected to pay the following team fee 48 hours after they have accepted their roster spot.

*Sponsored team players will have to pay a deposit that will be returned to them at the end of the season if they have fulfilled all the responsibilities expected of them by BIG 3 Basketball's coaching staff.

NCAA Certified Basketball Events

These events are NCAA-certified to allow the attendance of NCAA Division I basketball coaches where they can actively recruit prospective student-athletes during dates identified as "live periods". 

In order for athletes to compete in these events they must be registered with the NCAA. Failure to complete registration will prevent participation. Click this link for detailed athlete registration information.

Remember that Division II, Division III, and NAIA coaches can recruit in all other tournaments that BIG 3 Basketball plans to compete in during the Spring and Summer AAU season.

November 8th

6:00-7:00pm: 15U ELITE TEAM
7:00-8:00pm: 16U ELITE TEAM

8:00-9:00pm: 17U ELITE TEAM

Ackerman Sports and Fitness Center

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